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Artist�s Statement
Yolanda Raker

Life itself is art, from the tiniest organism to the vast universe beyond what the naked eye can perceive. With amazement and awe I look upon the infinite beauty that surrounds us, and I continue to marvel at the immeasurable beautiful this world beholds. The imagination, creativity, and the unlimited variety, inspire me to create a small piece of what our Mother surrounds us with every moment and every day. Through art I express my deepest thoughts, emotions, and beliefs, therefore, each piece becomes a part of me and I become part of the creation. Art comes in many forms and being so, it can transform a person�s soul to a higher level of consciousness. Art isn�t only thought provoking, but it is also healing. For me, a world without art would be a world without life.
Each painting or drawing is as eclectic as life itself. Occasionally images come during my daily routines, conversations with others, or in one of my best ways, are through meditation. By meditating, new images forth come that usually is beyond my conscious logical mind, and when recreating these images I am always astonished at what appears on the canvas or paper.
The first step is to spend some time in a quiet place, and empty my mind of all thoughts of the outer world. This allows my soul to be able to tap into the Universes� higher consciousness and bring forth any images that may be passed on. The second step is to decide which media I will by using to create the image that is desired. The third step is to select and play the style of music that fits the painting or drawing I am ready to create. Playing music helps me to get into the Zen, a world within a world, my inner self. The fourth step is to prepare the surface, such as canvas or paper that will host the creation. The last step is to begin building an image in the negative space. Before I know it, in front of me is a magnificent piece of art with amazing subject matter that appears within, for example, fairies, faces and even our Mother Gaia may appear in a painting or drawing that my conscious mind didn�t create.
One of my favorite paintings is done in oil and titled, �Piercing the Veil� which is a reflection of my spiritual journey and understanding of our universe. It also services as a message to the world to look within ourselves for we are more than the vehicles we move about this world, and that our souls go beyond our understanding of creation itself. �Piercing the Veil� came during meditating about the universe and our place in this dimension. The enchantment of this painting is that it affects people strongly. Some it may scare or make to feel uneasy, however, most feel drawn in and are calmed by its� influences, and amazedly, it seems to change its� expression to match the observer�s moods. �Piercing the Veil� is a prime paradigm that art is magical.

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